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Become a qualified and confident Pilates instructor with our Teacher Training programs in Tasmania.


Are you ready for a career that aligns with your essence and aspirations? Imagine waking up each day with a sense of purpose, eager to make a positive change and create a lasting impact. Welcome to the world of Pilates instruction—a journey of personal growth, empowerment, and holistic well-being. It's the ultimate win-win situation – pursuing your passion and getting paid for it.

At Super Natural Collective, we are dedicated to shaping exceptional Pilates instructors who exude authentic confidence and deliver remarkable classes. Our comprehensive, nationally recognised Pilates Teacher Training programs go beyond mere certification and box-ticking. We'll equip you with the knowledge, skills, and certification to teach amazing Pilates classes. But on top of that we'll give you stacks of practice time to enhance your confidence as an instructor.

93% of our awesome graduates who wanted to teach are now working as Pilates instructors.

Ready to join them?


Yearning for a career that combines passion, purpose, and profit? It's time to break free and pursue a career that aligns with your passion for Pilates. Becoming a Pilates instructor offers the perfect blend of purpose and profit, allowing you to do what you love while supplementing your income or even making a complete career change. Imagine waking up every day excited to share your expertise and make a positive impact on others' physical and mental well-being. Say goodbye to mundane routines and hello to a world of fun and connection as you build a community of like-minded individuals. Don't wait any longer to embark on a fulfilling career that combines purpose, joy, and endless possibilities.

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Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the magic that is becoming a Pilates teacher.

Picture this: You, radiating confidence, guiding a group of fabulous humans through Pilates classes like a wellness wizard. But guess what? The real enchantment happens within you. Yep, you heard that right! As you learn to teach Pilates, you're also on a journey of self-discovery, where you uncover strengths you never knew you had.

Now, imagine flipping the script on your life, turning your passion for Pilates into a force for good (with profit to match). Through our Pilates Teacher Training programs, you're not just gaining skills; you're unlocking a world of empowerment, authenticity, and genuine awesomeness. It's like joining a Pilates party where the moves are groovy, the laughter is contagious, and the transformation is REAL.

Your Pathway to Fulfilment Awaits

Your pathway to a fulfilling career that aligns with your values awaits. Join our next intake and wake up each day with excitement and purpose, ready to empower others through mindful movement.

Become a Mat Pilates Teacher

Become a Barre Pilates Teacher


We understand the financial burden that comes with being a dedicated Pilates practitioner, especially when you want to explore various studios and instructors. The costs of multiple memberships can quickly add up, creating a strain on your budget and limiting your flexibility to fully enjoy the Pilates experience.

Perhaps you find yourself wanting to try different classes, or instructors across various studios, but the cumulative membership fees can become overwhelming. It's frustrating to feel like your passion for Pilates is being hindered by the financial constraints of paying for each individual class or studio visit.

But what if we told you there's a way to break free from this cycle? What if instead of paying for Pilates classes, you could actually get paid to attend them?

By becoming a certified Pilates instructor, you can turn your dedication and love for Pilates into a rewarding and fulfilling career. Imagine a world where you not only get to immerse yourself in your practice but also earn income while doing so. It's the ultimate win-win situation – pursuing your passion and getting paid for it.

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All Super Natural Collective Teacher Training programs are approved by AUSactive (formerly Fitness Australia).

AUSactive is the peak Health and Exercise Industry Association in Australia.

Why is this important?

  1. Our courses have been independently reviewed and verified as meeting the highest standards of Pilates education.

  2. Greater recognition and acceptance of your qualification within the industry.

  3. You can ensure you’ll be both qualified AND insurable once you graduate.

Our training programs have a flawless 100%

completion rate!

Every single participant has successfully finished

the course and walked away with their

well-deserved certificate.

What our graduates have to say about us...

"Dani's training provides a safe environment where you learn and grow each day."

"Super Natural Collective Mat Pilates course was amazing! I learned the skills to deliver an energising Pilates class."

"I was really nervous about starting, but Dani’s focus on connection to body, breath, and personal best was really motivating."

“Wow what an amazing Teacher Training course! The course was extremely well thought out and you can tell that Dani has put her all into creating this amazing course.”

“I loved how practical the training was and how everyday there was opportunity to practise teach; this has meant I feel ready to actually be an instructor now.”

“I highly recommend Super Natural Collective to anyone looking at changing career or furthering their journey in the fitness industry."

“The training structure is practical and approachable, which combined with Dani’s teaching methods create a comfortable learning environment where I felt really empowered.”

“Dani, you really share your heart and soul with us and it is a joyful experience."

"Dani was such an amazing teacher and mentor, so patient and thorough."

"I started the course nervous in my ability to each, but can safely say with Dani's knowledge and support this is no longer true.".

"Dani has such a positive and nurturing teaching style, I couldn't recommend her and her training more."

"Dani embodies the essence of Super Natural Collective teaching - she and her teaching are inspiring, motivating and encouraging."

"I adored this course. It has brought me a lot of happiness and has built my confidence in what I have to share with others."

"I highly recommend Super Natural Collective. The knowledge and support that Dani provides on your journey to becoming a Mat Pilates instructor is next level."

"Dani and her unique SNC style is undoubtably the most enjoyable, confidence-building thing I have done for myself in the longest time."

"I hope you know how much this means to me - first time ever I think I have honestly said "I love my job" and it was all made possible through SNC training."

"If you want to be an amazing instructor, jump into the SNC training courses!"

"Dani created a really inviting and motivating arena for us to learn in - no matter what experience/confidence level we came from."

Got Questions about Teacher Training?

Use the calendar to book a call with Dani (Founder and Head Trainer at Super Natural Collective) and she'll give you a call to discuss Teacher Training and answer any questions you have.


Seeking a fulfilling journey to become a certified Pilates instructor, but feeling overwhelmed by the thought of getting lost in a large group? We understand that starting on a new path can be intimidating, and the common hesitation of feeling like you may be just another face in a crowded training program. That's why at Super Natural Collective, we've prioritised quality over quantity. Say goodbye to the overwhelming atmosphere and hello to a more intimate, nurturing environment. With our small group size of just 10, you'll thrive with individualised support from expert trainers who know you by name and understand your unique goals. Join a collaborative learning experience with ample time for practice and questions, and connect with fellow trainees who are on the same exciting path as you. It's time to feel seen, heard, and valued as you embark on this empowering new chapter.

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Become a Mat Pilates Teacher

Become a Barre Pilates Teacher



Feeling hesitant about dedicating 6 weeks to a new qualification? Consider the alternative: staying stuck in an unfulfilling job, losing precious time day after day. But here's the truth: by committing to our pilates teacher training program, you're not just gaining a new career—you're reclaiming time in the long run. Those 6 weeks? They're only 3% of the days in a year! Compare that to the years spent on a university degree, and it's just a blip on your life's timeline. Don't let fear of commitment hold you back from pursuing your dreams and finding true fulfilment. Embrace the opportunity to create a career you're passionate about.

"I hope you know how much this means to me - first time ever I think I have honestly said

"I love my job" and it was all made possible through SNC training."

- Monica C.

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Barre Teacher Training

Become a qualified and confident Barre Pilates instructor with our face to face training in Hobart, TAS


OCTOBER 14, 2023

8:00 AM PST

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